The expungement of a conviction can significantly improve the quality of an individual’s life. If your conviction is expunged, you no longer are legally required to disclose that conviction. Which will eliminate the prejudices when you’re seeking a new job. We provide aggressive representation for those individuals seeking expungement and offer clear counsel regarding your particular situation.

What is felony expungement?

Felony expungement is the process of applying to have a felony conviction removed from the criminal record. This process involves filing a petition to expunge your felony conviction. A judge will rule as to whether to agree to expunge the felony conviction. If your felony is expunged, you are allowed to claim — for example, on a job application — that you have never been convicted of a felony.

What are the requirements for expungement in California?

There are distinct requirements that must be met in order for a criminal record to be expunged. In order to have criminal records expunged, an individual must:

  • Not been sent to California state prison as a result of the criminal conviction
  • Paid all fines related to the original criminal conviction
  • Not been convicted of another crime while on probation
  • Attended all mandatory court appearances
  • Not currently be charged with a crime

Are certain felonies not eligible for expungement?

There are number of felonies, largely sex offenses, which cannot be expunged regardless of the meeting of other requirements.

These include:

  • Sodomy with a minor
  • Lewd and lascivious acts with a child
  • Oral copulation with a child

Expungement of a felony conviction can dramatically change an individual’s life. It is therefore highly advisable that you retain the services of a criminal lawyer with knowledge of California’s expungement requirements and process.

Is it possible to have my probation terminated early?

Yes, it is possible to have your probation terminated early if you file a petition with the court to do so. A judge may decide based on your behavior while you have been on probation to terminate your probation early. The petition and subsequent hearing are best completed with the help of an able expungement attorney.

Can I have my felony conviction downgraded to a misdemeanor?

In the state of California, some crimes can be considered felonies or misdemeanors. They are essentially borderline cases and, oftentimes, an expungement attorney can petition the court to have your conviction reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.

What are some commonly expunged misdemeanors?

Misdemeanor convictions are commonly expunged. Some of the more typical types of misdemeanors that are later expunged include petty theft, resisting arrest, first offense DUI, vandalism and disorderly conduct.