Although I don’t live in Orange County, I was down in that area and got myself into some serious trouble.  I have never been in trouble before and was at a loss as to what to do.  A friend of mine recommended I give Rondee Eagle a call and see if she could help.  Best call I ever made.  When I called her office, I was informed she was in trial and couldn’t meet with me until the following week.  My friend suggested I go watch her in trial and get a feel if she would be the right attorney for me.  I did.  She was fantastic.  At one point, the court took a break, and I approached Ms. Eagle to see if I could speak with her.  She couldn’t have been nicer.  When I told her I was referred over to her and by whom, she met with me at the end of that day.  Suffice it to say, I hired Rondee to help me through my criminal matter.  She was caring, available and tenacious in representing me.  Everything worked out better than I could have imagined.  I hope to never need her services again, but if I find myself in trouble, I will be headed her way and would recommend you do the same…..

Christine W.

As a practicing attorney myself over the past 30 years, I have worked alongside some of the most acclaimed criminal defense attorneys in the area.  Unfortunately, recently, a former client wrongfully accused me of committing a serious felony.  Having, over the years, observed Ms. Eagle in court and recognizing her good standing with the courts, her peers and her clients, I asked her to represent me in my pending criminal matter. As a result of Ms. Eagle’s zealous and aggressive representation, all charges against me were dismissed at the preliminary hearing.  I would highly recommend Ms. Eagle’s services to anyone seeking legal representation.  She is an excellent advocate for her clients.

L. Abby

I was picked up on a DUI when I was just sitting in my car. I didn’t understand and so I sought the advise of a lawyer in Long Beach that everyone told me was excellent. He wanted me to plead guilty but I just didn’t believe I was. I was recommended to Rondee. She reviewed my case and spent time with me going over everything that happened. She encouraged me not to plead to the case as she believed we could win. On the day of trial, when we were getting ready to pick a jury, my case was dismissed. She at all times believed in me and my case. I would recommend Rondee to anyone seeking an attorney who will take the time to understand you, your case and give you advise based on her belief and not the money she can make. Her encouragement kept me strong as I was scared to death of going to jail. I watched her strenuously represent me as I was present at every hearing. She did an awsome job on my behalf


Ms. Eagle represented me on rape allegations. She never gave up on me or my defense. I was accused of raping my girlfriend while she was intoxicated. I didn’t want to take a deal in the matter. Ms. Eagle believed in me and my case and pushed the d.a. to trial. On the day of trial, she negotiated a simple misdemeanor with no jail time. I am grateful for her representation. Although this case went on for well over a year and she made numerous court appearances on my behalf she never asked me for a dime more. I had little money at the time and now realize she cares more about the result than the money. I would and have recommended her to my friends and family


Attorney Eagle represented my son in a robbery case. We had previously hired the public defenders office. The court wanted state prison on my son. The court gave me a list of lawyers I could call and Ms. Eagle was on that list. I checked around and she had a good reputation in the courthouse so we used her. She was so compassionate to my son’s situation, spent the time with him that the public defender never did and understood my son’s case. We ended with a great result of county jail with probation. It was an excellent result compared to what everyone said he would get. We were extremely happy with her services. I would recommend her offices to anyone looking for a criminal attorney


I have never taken the time to thank Rondee for her hard work on my case so I thought this would be the highest of compliments….letting others know, along with her, how grateful I am for all she did for me on my case. Having criminal charges against me was one of the toughest things I have experienced. I was constantly worried. Ms. Eagle never refused to take my call or to give me her time when I know I was just rambling. She would tell me at all times, “things will work out.” I had confidence she would do everything she could to make sure that was the case….And she did. Ms. Eagle did an exceptional job for me and I would and will refer anyone that needs help her way.


This was my first DUI and first arrest, ever, and I had no idea what to expect, but I knew it would be expensive so I prepared myself. Rondee was absolutely amazing! She made every point clear and concise when I met with her the first time. She was very detailed with each point that needed to be addressed and got me through this massive endeavor. It was quite a journey over this 4 month period and I only met with Rondee a handful of times. First to discuss my plea and my financial responsibilities upon pleading guilty. She then organized all my necessary paperwork in fulfilling my financial obligations and notarizing everything for me. Just today, my final visit with her, she handed me the final composition of my financial obligations, set me up with an AA program and a MADD program with the dates and the cost of each program. Working with Rondee was the best decision I ever made because it was affordable and best of all, she did all the work for me, all I had to do was show up to our appointments, be honest, and willing to take responsibility for my actions. I don’t plan on getting another DUI, however, I recommend Rondee Eagle to everyone. She was polite, yet forward pursuing time efficiency, and attentive to every minute detail of the incident ensuring a smooth plea. I don’t think anyone is more qualified and more empathetic in these incidents than Rondee Eagle. Orange County has Zero Tolerance for alcohol related crimes. If I had blown a lower BAC level, it could have been cheaper. It was a mistake and I accept full responsibility and at the end of it all I Thank Lord Jesus for bringing Rondee into my life and making what I thought to be a treacherous odyssey into a canoe ride over glassy Hawaiian waters. Call Rondee Eagle, you won’t regret it!!

DUI client

Rondee is such a brilliant lawyer and professional. She listens patiently and you can really tell that she cares about her clients. My husband was wrongly accused and it was a terrible situation, but Rondee got the case dismissed at the preliminary hearing. She has amazing argumentation skills and did a wonderful job in court. She really was very supportive and always kept me and my husband updated on her strategies and anything we needed to know. I am really glad that we picked her to be our lawyer and would recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer.


I strongly recommend Rondee to anybody that has criminal Charges. she helped me get my case dismissed in the first court date. I was wrongfully accused with three felonies
1- assault with a deadly weapon
2- criminal threat ( two people)

she was supportive to me and my family, she also has high communication skills. Also, she is knowledgeable in her field.
with her critical thinking and debate skills, she was able to convince the judge that all these charges was made up.
Rondee cares about her clients. she called me a day after the dismiss just to make sure my wife and I are okay.
Again. hire her Hire her


Rondee did an amazing job for me. She was always available when needed, and never tried overcharging for late consultation. Overall great person and a lawyer


My brother was arrested for grand theft. He had all times maintained his innocence I believed him so started looking for lawyers to help him. The public defender kept telling him to plead guilty. That would have ruined his career. I was referred to Ms. Eagle from a friend who had used Ms. Eagle’s services in the past. Ms. Eagle took over the case. From the beginning I knew we had chosen the right attorney. She put on the preliminary hearing and the case was dismissed… Ms. Eagle saved my brother’s career. We are eternally grateful and would highly recommend her services…


I am so thankful for Rondee Eagle and how much she saved me on my case. My family, who lives on the other side of the country, found Rondee through online reviews and hired her for my first arrest. And I’m so glad they found her. She was so helpful and patient with my family and myself with all the stress and understanding the system. She is absolutely brilliant and incredible at her job. She knows her stuff. She was able to get me out of serving a few weeks in county jail AND out of three years probation!! Not to mention when I had questions or concerns and would call her, the phone never rang more than twice before she would pick up…no matter the time of day. I can’t recommend Rondee more…you’ll immediately see how sharp she is and feel that you’re in good hands.


I was in a very difficult situation. Rondee told me to hang in there and that she was not finished fighting. I had given up already. I was facing serious prison time. She gave me hope when i was a nervous wreck. In the end she did an exceptional job. She basically saved my life. Because of her perseverence, genius in how the law works, no nonsense attitude, lengthy experience in her field of work and a human approach to her clients needs i am living a better life today and i thank Rondee for this. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me and my family Rondee. You are always in our prayers.


Rondee Eagle is absolutely amazing!! During our initial consultation, she laid out my options and explained the intricacies of the situation and the likely consequences of each possible course of action. As a result, I was able to make an informed decsion about how to proceed with my case. She is knowledgable, professional, easy to work with, and most of all, she is honest!! You can be confident knowing that when you hire Rondee Eagle, you are getting the best defense possible!!



Ariel E.

I never thought i would be in so much trouble with the law but i was. I was incredibly fortunate to come across Rondee Eagle. She is a no nonsense, incredibly professional, genius at what she does. Even when i was losing hope and a nervous wreck, her no quitting, fight to the end attitude gave me courage and regained my hope. Her extreme honesty was appreciated. I absolutely recommend Rondee Eagle for your defense. Thank you Rondee for all your hard work and support through my difficult times.

Riley O.

Rondee Eagle is excellent. She is extremely intelligent, very hard working, always accessible, knowledgeable, confident and caring. She did an excellent job with my case from the first conversation we had up through and even after my trial. I rarely give someone a 10 out of 10 for anything, but I do that without hesitation with her. But I warn the men who work with her, she’s so smart and pretty and cool, you will probably get a crush on her.  lol  Seriously, she’s absolutely the best. I would be happy to refer her to anyone I know because I’m 100% positive they would say the same things about her after having her work for them that I did. Rondee, if you see this, thank you very, very much. Great job.

Kyle H.

I asked Ms. Eagle to quickly collaborate with me on an unusual case. She was clearly in her element because she provided prompt, accurate advice on the law; experienced counsel on the procedure at the particular courthouse; and demonstrated a canny understanding of the various judges’ perspectives. She was refreshingly direct and, at the same time, gracious. I would give her an excellent grade for all aspects of the issues relevant to my case.

Natividad T.Criminal Law Matter

I used Ms. Eagle’s services two years ago when I found myself arrested for a DUI. She did an incredible job for me and got me a wet reckless. Again, I found myself in trouble and I retained her services again. I picked up another DUI and everyone told me because I was on probation and it was in orange county I would do at least 90 days and would not be allowed house arrest. I went to court with Ms. Eagle and she requested I bring with me certain documents to assist her in arguing my case. I watched her go into chambers with the district attorney and when she walked out, I knew I had made the right choice in hiring her. She got me 30 days house arrest which allowed me to keep my job and continue to take care of my family. I am forever indebted to her compassion and hard work.

John F.Criminal Law Matter

If you need someone dependable, honest and committed to justice, Rondee Eagle is your lawyer!!! She helped me with a difficult time when I had charges against me and was always very thorough on what I should expect and never sugar coated anything. She’s kept constant communication regarding my case no matter the day. Rondee is with out a doubt a gift to the community. Like watching an old western when the gun slinger walking in to the street and silence hits the ground. She is poetry in motion. If you have not had the experience of having her assist you in a time of need you have missed out in seeing how a real attorney works’. I enjoy watching her brilliant mind in action; I have never seen such a down to earth humble person and knows the in’s and out’s of the court room. You get 5 times the service for what you pay for and I highly recommend Rondee to anyone who values honesty and hard work.

Tracy B.Criminal Law Matter

Unfortunately, given difficult economic times, I used poor judgement and got myself involved in, what I now understand, serious criminal conduct. If someone would have told me two years ago I would find myself in the criminal court system, my response would have been “impossible.” I now understand how one poor decision could have potential lifetime effects. I hold State Licenses and put myself in a position of losing all I had worked for. Ms. Eagle was recommended to me by a friend who used her services for her son and had nothing other than glowing remarks as it related to Ms. Eagle’s ability to get to know her clients and, ultimately negotiate favorable deals. Well, that is exactly what she did. In fact, the results accomplished by Ms. Eagle were beyond my expectiations. She got to know me, my life and my history and worked tirelessly on my case. I knew I was facing substantial jail time. I knew because, prior to Ms. Eagle, I had consulted other attorneys who told me I could not and would not escape doing time in jail. To the contrary. After countless hours in court with Ms. Eagle, she worked out a deal that allowed me to do house arrest and maintain my job, allowing me to pay back those I had hurt financially as well as the court costs incurred. She also worked out a deal with the district attorney’s office changing the charges I was initially charged with to something that would not affect my state licensing issues. Ms. Eagle kept me informed every step of the way as to what was going on, her thoughts, and her reasons for certain strategy in my case. I am indebted in so many ways to Ms. Eagle and would recommend her on any criminal matter you, a friend or family member may find yourself involved in.

Kevin R.Criminal Law Matter

Rondee Eagle is a LIFE SAVER!!!

At least she SAVED me from ending up in an Orange County Jail for 90 days. I picked the Best Lawyer after receiving my 2nd DUI during my 1st DUI’s probation. She was able to drop my probation and get me 30 days of house arrest, instead of 90 days in a County Jail.

I also have the opportunity to drive with a restricted license to work and class, instead of a fully restricted license for 1 Year with the DMV.

If you are in trouble with the law and need a Great Lawyer. Rondee is a Great and straight forward no B.S lawyer, who tells it how it is without sugar coating the truth. Also know that any lawyer who Teaches the Law, REALLY KNOWS the LAW! I knew I had a Great Lawyer when I found out that Rondee Eagle teaches Law at the University of Chapman.

Rondee Eagle is YOUR BEST CHANCE!!!!

Jesse Q.DUI

I was proud to work for Rondee Eagle a few years back and if not for illness I would still be working for her. What a dynamic, hardworking attorney! I loved going to work and watch her help so many people tackle their legal battles! She is knowledgeable, professional, extremely honest.and compassionate! If you can find those qualities in an attorney, you will be in good hands! I gladly refer anyone who has legal issues to give her a call! I have watched her prepare and beat DMV DUI hearings, and that is unheard of! Rondee is a very savvy lady who is very good at her job! She will bring you the absolute best possible results for your case!

Patsy S.DUI

Highly Responsive and Reasonable Prices

I would highly recommend Mr. Nguyen. He was always available to answer questions and was extremely thorough in his answers. I was charged with a serious crime that would’ve negatively affected my future job prospects. Mr. Nguyen managed to reduce the charges and negotiate a favorable plea that resulted in a dismissal after I took some classes. He also generously allowed me to make payments and never made me feel inferior in being unable to pay the full amount up-front.

MichaelCriminal Defense Matter

Unbelievable DUI Outcome!

All I can say is, “WOW…Rondee got me an UNBELIEVABLE outcome to my case!” I was convicted of a DUI w/ 3 or more priors, and have 3 prison prior sentences. This was my 8th DUI. I was referred to Rondee Eagle by her colleague, Bruce Bridgeman, and am so thankful to have her for my attorney. I was skeptical on the outcome of my case and had accepted that I would have to return to prison. The odds were not in my favor…The Judge presiding over my case had been moved to a different courtroom and a new Judge took over. The D.A. was offering me a 6 year prison term and not budging. I was worried and had a million questions…Rondee stayed in constant communication with me and assured me she would do everything she could to receive a favorable outcome.

GregDUI / DWI matterRead more

Outstanding lawyer! The very best….

She really cares about her clients. She is a great lady and I had a situation where there were false accusations made. Prof/ Attorney Eagle is a fighter and will help you get through a bad situation.

Criminal Defense ClientCriminal Defense Matter

Great work

I hired Rondee to represent my son in a driving under the influence case. Although it was his first DUI, he rear ended another car. At the scene the people said they were not injured. However, later they claimed serious injuries. Rondee had her investigator investigate and found that the other occupants were padding their bills. Rondee put the other people involved on the stand and showed to the court they were committing fraud. As a result, the court disallowed any restitution other than the vehicle damage. Because of Rondee’s hard work, we saved ourselves thousand of dollars. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking legal help.

KellyCriminal Defense Matter