A warrant may be issued for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is a person does not show up to court. When a person is cited and promises to appear in court, they are put on notice. When a person fails to show up in court, they expose themselves to a new charge of failure to appear. That failure to appear may have collateral DMV consequences.

If a person chooses to ignore a warrant, they do so at their own risk. There may come a day when you are pulled over for a minor traffic stop, an officer will run your name and find the warrant. As a result, you will be arrested on sight.

Under many circumstances, a warrant may be recalled without your having to appear in court. Often times, competent counsel may be successful in not only recalling the warrant but also in negotiating a favorable disposition in the case giving rise to the warrant itself.
The Law Firm of Eagle and Nguyen have successfully handled countless warrant recalls without requiring her clients’ presence in court.

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