Violent crimes are generally classified as “Strike Crimes”. If you are convicted of a violent crime, you may have a strike on your record. A second conviction for such a crime will result in a heavier sentence; a third conviction may result in a sentence of life in prison.

Violent crimes consist of, but are not limited to: murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, assault, battery, and robbery.

Due to the public concern about violent crimes and in response to escalating crime statistics, the courts are very strict when dealing with violent crime cases. Prosecutors in Orange County courts are determined to see violent criminals punished to the fullest extent of the law. As a result you face the serious risk of suffering an extremely severe punishment.

If you are charged with a violent crime, you should seek strong representation from an Orange County violent crime attorney who is on your side! Over the last 14 years, our attorneys have successfully represented clients charged with violent crimes.
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